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Welcome to Flounce O-Rama!

intr.v. flounced, flounc·ing, flounc·es
a. To move in a lively or bouncy manner: The children flounced around the room in their costumes.
b. To move with exaggerated or affected motions: flounced petulantly out of the house.
2. To move clumsily; flounder.
The act or motion of flouncing.

Attention Whores. Drama Queens. Every community has at least one. Some of us are lucky enough to have multiples...prompting us to judge their exits.

Goodbye, cruel forum posts. Brave Exit Speeches. These are called "flouncing". A "flounce" is when someone leaves a forum or list, but posts a "goodbye cruel forum" post before doing so. Some are fantastic pieces of flameage, others are pretty pathetic. A really good flounce leaves you with the image Scarlett O'Hara flouncing off from her suitors, skirts and petticoats and ruffles swirling about her as she minces off.

This community is for judging these flounces, for creating comebacks to flounces or just to let off some steam about your attention whores. If you want to flounce from a forum, post your speech here and get input to help make it sing!

Your moderator is [info]beltainelady.